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Codec Logs: Who Do I Call to Import Some Sand?

I’ll get to the the intro credits in a minute, but you touched on something that I suddenly can’t stop thinking about: the scene with Gustava in the sewer. You’re right, it isn’t necessarily cinematic. But as you so terribly put it, it isn’t very gamematic (you won’t be thrown off the site, but there will be some kind of punishment for that one…) either. Time stops for a moment down in the sewer. There is a quiet moment that I couldn’t help but feel on a strange emotional, maybe even physical level. Snake and Gustava slump against the walls as they wait for Madner and the whole scene feels tired and drained. The dialogue itself is fairly forgettable, but the delivery is unlike anything I’ve seen in a game before.

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Codec Logs: A Very Sad Olympian

The inventory in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before in a video game, and I think you are on to something when you compare it to an adventure game. In many cases, it is almost as if Kojima and his team thought of the items in your inventory as the actual objects they were meant to represent, defying typical game logic. At first it was puzzling why I kept finding different types of rations in the game with different contents. They seemed functionally the same, and initially I chalked their existence up to Kojima just being Kojima, but later I discovered that the contents of the rations actually matter. As silly as it might be that the chocolate bar in one ration can neutralize acid that otherwise kills you instantly, it again helps to make the world of Metal Gear feel real. A ration isn’t just a thing that you use to heal; it is cheese and chocolate.

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Codec Logs: The Phantom Sequel

To: Sean Gandert From: Blake Foley Subject: The Phantom Sequel Dear Sean, As we head into Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, I thought it would be worthwhile to take a brief look back at its history. Sequels generally follow two trajectories. They’re either A) a near carbon copy of the original with a new story, […]

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