Exposition Break Podcast: Moon: Remix RPG Adventure




Proving once and for all we care more about playing interesting games than growing an audience, we took a look at the relatively obscure Moon: Remix RPG Adventure, more frequently known as Moon, and most frequently of all known as “What are you even talking about?” An influential Japanese game from 1997, the title took more than 20 years to get translated and is now available on the Switch for anyone looking to experience surreal adventure games, self-referential parodies, or learn where Undertale stole a bunch of its ideas. Along the way we discuss the difference between Japanese and Western indie titles, the Tim Rogers translation factor, and why this is a good game that Blake should still probably never play.

Following this conversation, we catch up a bit on the news so as to fill everyone in about our general apathy towards the next generation of consoles. But this apathy doesn’t even compare with the honest-to-goodness disdain we hold for Nintendo’s incorrectly named Super Mario 3D All-Stars, which is one of the more disappointing rereleases in a long while. And just to reemphasize why we rarely talk about the news, a handful of hours after recording this Microsoft went and bought Bethesda, thereby making much of our conversation dated even before this was released. Awesome!


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