Exposition Break Podcast: Spelunky 2




Two years after we took a look at its progenitor, we dive into Spelunky 2, a game that’s clawed its hooks deeply into our brains in the way that only a truly great title, or addictive narcotic substance, can. But don’t go back to that first podcast—not just because it’s bad, but also because we were completely wrong about our predictions for the sequel and it’s best if those thoughts were lost in the depths of time and somehow forgotten like a Trump scandal from two days ago. After eating a pair of metaphorically gigantic hats of shame, we move onto how Spelunky 2 manages to somehow grow on the original’s formula of near-perfection, the way it continues to carry the torch for freedom and player trust in a way that makes both games so endlessly inventive, and why Roguelikes still feel like a bit of a hard sell in 2020. 

All this, plus a bit of discussion about Baldur’s Gate 3, Spiritfarer, and then more digressions about Spelunky 2 esoterica. Because seriously, what does the alien compass do, and why will no one tell us? And what’s up with Vlad and his relationship to Madame Tusk? And you know what, screw this, let’s just go back and play another run and maybe just figure some of those mysteries out.


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