Most Definitely the Only P.T. Playthrough on the Internet



Sean and I have learned an important thing since launching this site in 2015: all gaming discussions eventually lead us back to P.T. We talk about it a lot. Seriously, go back and see how often we mention it on the podcast. I can wait… Oh… Only 5 times? I would have guessed it was more than that… Anyway, P.T. is rad and hugely important. Not only is it expertly crafted, but the real-world narrative around its development and release is steeped in drama. We can make informed speculation as to what exactly happened between Kojima and Konami, but we still don’t know the truth from a first-hand source, and that mystery undoubtedly adds to the allure of the short horror masterpiece.

Inspired by Mike Drucker’s recent book, I recently finished replaying Silent Hill 2 and I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about the Silent Hill franchise. Of course, that thinking led me back to P.T., the latest (sort of) entry in the Silent Hill franchise. Confession time, I had never actually finished it, so I did what you’d expect me to do. That’s right, I turned on my PS4, launched P.T., did two or three laps around the house’s repeating loop, got freaked out, and turned it off. It turns out playing P.T. while having spent way too much time in my own home during quarantine only served to enhance the horror, which brought me to Plan B. I’d get Sean, a P.T. superfan, to play it with me… remotely… but hey, it’d help, right? After fiddling with a capture card, OBS, and Discord for a while, we found a way to share the horror. Hit play and share that horror with us!



1. A joke. I have no clue how many times we’ve mentioned P.T. on the podcast. Sean and I DO talk about P.T. a lot, though.

2. The video I keep talking about in our video:

3. A script that has a bunch of the stuff we inevitably talked over AND some translations. Also: Just a cool read.

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