The Story So Far: Metal Gear (MSX2)



1995 – Operation Intrude N312

In 1995, the United States Government and NATO received intelligence regarding a weapon of mass destruction housed within the military stronghold Outer Heaven. Fearing the worst, the U.S. sent Gray Fox, a member of their elite covert team FOXHOUND, in to investigate. Contact with Gray Fox was lost before his mission could be completed and he was presumed captured by the enemy. The last words to come over his radio frequency were “Metal Gear.”


1995 – Operation Intrude N313

eb.net_mg1_infiltrateDays after contact with Gray Fox was lost, the U.S. and FOXHOUND turned to rookie operative Solid Snake. His mission was to infiltrate Outer Heaven with radio support from FOXHOUND’s commanding officer, Big Boss, rescue Gray Fox, and find out the truth behind Fox’s last words. The infiltration was a success, and Snake found himself in the middle of an uprising. Outer Heaven’s regime was facing a resistance movement led by a man named Kyle Schneider. With help from Schneider and fellow resistance member Diane, Snake was able to rescue Gray Fox by getting himself captured and detained in a neighboring cell.  Fox revealed that Metal Gear was a walking tank capable of launching nuclear missiles. Fox told Snake to find Dr. Pettrovich Madnar, Metal Gear’s detained designer, for instructions on how to destroy the walking weapon.

Solid Snake set off to find Dr. Madnar, but was met with resistance from Outer Heaven’s elite forces along the way. Shotmaker, Machinegun Kid, and Firetrooper tried to stop him as he got closer and closer to the scientist, but failed. Shortly after his fight with Firetrooper, Snake was put into contact with another resistance member named Jennifer, who told him the exact location of the Dr. Madnar and provided him with a rocket launcher he could use to dispense with the Bloody Brad cyberoids that defended the scientist’s cell.

eb.net_mg1_flame-bossMadnar was relieved to be rescued, but unwilling to give Snake any information about Metal Gear. His daughter, Ellen, was being held captive in a different part of the fortress and Metal Gear’s weakness was his bargaining chip for her rescue. With Diane’s help, Snake was able to rescue Ellen, who revealed Dr. Madnar was forced to develop Metal Gear against his will.

With his daughter rescued, Dr. Pettrovich Madnar was willing to divulge Metal Gear’s location and weakness to Solid Snake. While Snake set off to the base’s underground bunker to destroy the weapon, FOXHOUND’s C.O., Big Boss, began acting strange, giving his agent unreliable information and eventually insisting that Snake abort the mission.


After a fight with an enemy soldier named Dirty Duck, Snake rescued a member of the resistance who turned out to be Jennifer’s brother. Grateful, the resistance member gave him information about how to escape Metal Gear’s underground bunker. It was then that Snake received a call from Schneider. Schneider was about to reveal important information about Outer Heaven’s leader, but the transmission was cut off. With no other choice, Snake continued onward and infiltrated the underground bunker that housed Metal Gear.

eb.net_mg1_metal-gear-bossUsing Madnar’s instructions, Solid Snake placed C4 explosives on Metal Gear’s vulnerable leg joints and detonated them. Metal Gear fell, but its destruction triggered the base’s self-destruct sequence. Snake had little time to escape. Dashing through the door, Solid Snake was ambushed by Big Boss; FOXHOUND’s leader was the man running Outer Heaven. Big Boss had sent the rookie Snake to Outer Heaven under the expectation he would gather false information and provide a cover story, but instead Snake managed to find out the truth behind Metal Gear and Outer Heaven. Big Boss set off a self-destruct sequence on the compound, determined to take Snake down with him, and the two fought while the timer ticked down. After a narrow victory, Snake left Big Boss for dead and made his escape. The fortress was engulfed in a massive explosion behind him.

After reporting Operation Intrude N313’s success to HQ, Snake adjusted his transceiver to a local news channel, which reported tremors in the area and cited an earthquake as the source.

As he waited for pickup, Snake received one more call on his transceiver.  “… Do you hear me? Solid Snake… I won’t die… Let’s finish this someday.”


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