Exposition Break Podcast: Back from the Dead




After a recording break of… well, longer than we care to think about, we’ve returned to the realm of podcasting just in time for the world to fall apart around us. Nice. Anyhow, for the first episode of our hopefully more-consistent second try at this whole podcasting business, we got down to business and spent most of our time catching up on the games we’ve been playing. That consisted of the relatively hot, new-ish release Doom Eternal on Blake’s front, and the relatively cold, two-console-generations-ago-ish release Mario Galaxy from Sean. Also in the mix were La Mulana, Divinity: Original Sin II, Death Stranding, Hearthstone, and some discussion about our differing feelings about exploration in video games.

Theme music provided by Icefields. Find more of Icefields’ music on Soundcloud, Spotify, and Icefieldsmusic.com


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