Exposition Break Podcast: Baldur’s Gate 3 (Early Access)




We take a closer look at two games we haven’t played all of… though there’s a pretty good reason for that in both cases. First, we shine the spotlight on Baldur’s Gate 3, a game that’s still in early access and looks more than likely to stay that way for at least a year. None of which is to say that it’s anything but an excellent game, it’s just unfinished (and not nearly as buggy as people claim). Turns out Larian has really figured out how to make a solid CRPG, so we talk at length about where it fits into the series’ lineage, how the game adapts 5th edition Dungeon & Dragons rules into something logical, and why maybe it’s a good thing that the game has copious amounts of blood drop onto the floor every time you so much as swing an axe near an enemy.

After this, we dive into Spiritfarer for a bit, a game Blake quit before it got interesting and Sean quit… also before it got interesting, though many hours later. Does it ever get interesting? Possibly! Is it worth putting many hours in to find out? Certainly not! We try to figure out how a game with solid, bordering-on-excellent writing and downright breathtaking art and animation can be such a snooze. Along the way we talk about Skyrim, Ghostrunner, Until Dawn, and even get in some Hearthstone talk before Blake realizes he can end the show to shut Sean up.


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