Sean (finally) got me to play some Hearthstone



I played a little bit of Hearthstone back when it was in beta and had little interest in ever touching it again, but Sean has been determined to get me to play more–assuring me that the new(ish) modes are worth checking out. I went in skeptical… Surely Hearthstone was still Hearthstone. Nothing on the surface told me otherwise. The UI was still needlessly busy with animations and particle effects and the playfield seemingly hadn’t changed in the years since my pre-release exploration of the game. Sure, I could tell that there were obviously new characters with new powers. Of course there would be new cards–but I didn’t care about the old cards, why would I care about the new ones? Still, Sean insisted that there were new things to see and directed me towards Battlegrounds, Hearthstone‘s Battlechess-like. Know what? I liked it! Don’t expect me to break down the latest meta on the podcast anytime soon, but I definitely look forward to playing a bit more. Check out the video to see Sean walk me through the latest in Hearthsone technology!


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