Exposition Break Podcast: Breath of the Wild




Remember way back in 2017, when all anyone wanted to talk about with video games was how The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was the best Zelda ever, the best game ever, and quite possibly the best thing ever made? Well it’s now a year and a half since BotW dropped, so we felt it was about time to take stock of the title with a more nuanced, dare we say critical look, and discuss what made it both so exciting and so, in many (perhaps unpreventable) ways, disappointing. Topics include the magical first few hours of the game, how Nintendo’s take on open worlds differs from other studios, and why the downloadable content falls completely flat. Plus, we consider the possibilities for where Zelda might go in the future, and our hope that Nintendo isn’t simply planning a Breath of the Wild 2: Link’s Boogaloo. All this, plus Blake intentionally asks Sean for more information about Hearthstone,and somehow doesn’t regret it.


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