Exposition Break Podcast: Mass Effect Trilogy




In the first of our podcasts focused on a single game, we decided to outdo ourselves and actually cover three games instead: the entire Mass Effect Trilogy. That’s right, we go all the way from the first game, with its terrible-yet-for-some-reason-beloved-by-Blake Mako controls, to the second game, filled with more crew members and relationships than you can throw a heaping pile of sticks at, to the third game, which featured what might be gaming’s most controversial ending and also probably other things that everyone instantly forgot about because of just how controversial that ending really was. In our pursuit for truth, we also discuss such engaging topics as why people thought these games were the future of RPG’s, how Bioware really doesn’t know how to deal with romance, and whether that ending really was as bad as everyone remembers it was (spoiler alert: yes).


Whew, that’s a lot, but still shorter than then 100+ hours that it takes to finish the games. With that in mind, you can also hear our final analysis as to whether the series is worth that time commitment, or if you’d be better off spending that time roleplaying weird extraterrestrial relationships elsewhere.


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