Exposition Break Podcast: E3 Wrap-Up




Well another year’s E3 has come and gone, and the future looks bright indeed. With that in mind, in the latest podcast episode we focus on the games that have us the most excited, and discuss how the show seems to be growing up and moving away from its smoke and mirrors of vaporware and empty surprises. All of which is to say that we spend a lot of time talking about Death Stranding, and even some time on games that aren’t Death Stranding, though often in relation to Death Stranding because who are we kidding that game still looks absolutely nuts.


Also discussed: samurais vs. ninjas, the flood of pirate games, what the hell Bioware is doing with Anthem‘s missing AI, how Square and Nintendo secretly had great showings, and whether or not The Division 2 is worth paying any attention to.


Then, Blake reads out some listener mail, and with this opens up a big bag of worms as Sean can’t contain himself when talking about Hearthstone. In the future, a shock collar might be required to reign in some of his worst tendencies.

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