Exposition Break Podcast: Inside




Remember a few years ago when Inside was the hottest indie title on the market and critics hailed it as the best video game since… video games? Sadly, we do too. But now, with the benefit of hindsight and a general disdain towards empty pretentiousness, we go deep, umm, inside of Inside to ask whether the game warrants so much praise or whether it’s basically a middling mashup of Dragon’s Lair and Prince of Persia.

Along the way, we discuss modern day FMV sequences, bad block-pushing puzzles, and Inside‘s fascinatingly expensive/truly idiotic collector’s edition that costs more than Sean’s high school car. We probably digress in a few other directions as well, because that’s what podcasts are all about. In all of this, we attempt to figure out why so many people like Inside so much, and generally come up a bit short—unless it’s that people just love controlling blobules (it’s a technical term) composed of melted and deformed human limbs, in which case we can’t really blame ’em.


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