Exposition Break Podcast: Resident Evil 2 (Remake)




We take a deep dive into Resident Evil 2: Remake, perhaps the finest remake of Resident Evil 2 to ever be released… at least, as of this recording. Blake gives us a rundown of the game’s place in the series, or rather both places it occupies, and helps break apart what makes this new version so successful two decades after the original’s release. Sean meanders aimlessly through the police station… err… topic, and then gets womped by the invincible Mr. X. His inevitable whining about the subject leads to a broader discussion of invincible enemies and why they’re so hard to get right and make a fun element of games.

Our hosts also dip into the fairly miserable stealth section at the middle of the game, why the series maintains relevancy after so many years even if it can sometimes feel soulless, and how Blake has found a particular catharsis in blasting holes through zombie heads during the midst of the endless Covid-19 quarantine period. All of this, plus a discussion of whether scary video games are, in fact, scary (the answer: yes).



Classic RE2 Twitch Stream


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