Exposition Break Podcast: Mario Galaxy




Remember that scammy Nintendo compilation of 3D Mario platformers we talked about last episode? Well one of us went ahead and bought it, and you know what, that ended up being a pretty good choice despite the compilation still being a pretty shameless cash grab. Turns out the worst thing about Mario Galaxy was the Wii, and the best thing about it now is that you don’t have to use that janky old console to play it anymore. We dive into this game’s place in the Mario platforming lineage, comparing it to both what came before and has come afterward, but more than that we celebrate what makes the game still so unique well more than a decade after its release… assuming you don’t count its sequel, which Nintendo doesn’t seem to so why should we?

Afterwards, we chat a bit about Until Dawn, Darkest Dungeon, and those weird Persona fighting games that probably shouldn’t have been made but, well, were so maybe they’re worth playing, if you’ve got a lot of free time or something. Plus, we talk about Hearthstone‘s recent decision to commit suicide, and how you should really avoid Ready Player Two even if you were down with the first one.


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