Exposition Break Podcast: PlayStation 5 (First Impressions)




Stepping away from our usual focus on particular games, we decided to spend the podcast talking about something much bigger: the Playstation 5. And by bigger, we of course mean in terms of size, as it’s one beastly behemoth that looks weird and doesn’t fit anywhere well, but Blake still managed to knab himself one despite their rarity. In our discussion, we talk about the controller, the graphics, and the ever-present “is this worth owning in a world of PC’s and Xboxicals” question. Plus, Blake has some Pro-TipsTM for anyone searching for a copy of their very own, because evergreen content schmevergreen content.

Afterwards, we dig into some of those hot, next-gen games Blake’s been playing, gab about Sean’s love for Platinum even when they’re given terrible licenses, and then touch on the somewhat disturbing size of the new Bloodborne board game (it’s even bigger than the Playstation 5, if that’s possible). Oh, and there’s even a quick preview of some writing projects for the website, plus more discussion about Twin Peaks than we should’ve included, though we make no apologies for this, as it’s just a good show.


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