Exposition Break Podcast: Paratopic




Are you into scary games with deeply drawn characters and surprising narrative turns that will keep you captivated for hours? If so, then you should avoid Paratopic like the plague, because the subject of this episode features absolutely none of that! Instead, we talk about what it does feature, which includes pretension, boredom, and a complete lack of cohesion.  It does feature some cool sound design, though, and that’s something, we guess. Sort of. In all, we have more fun talking about why the game is a failure than either of us did actually playing the title, and probably do so for longer than it takes to beat the game. Does that make it… secretly successful? (Hint: no it doesn’t).

Afterwards, we briefly talk about the best cyberpunk game of 2020: Final Fantasy VII Remake. What’s that, you want to hear our quick thoughts on Cyberpunk 2077? Well sure, but since that’s only the third-best cyberpunk game we’re covering, first we need to talk about Luigi’s Mansion 3, which features a Virtual Boy and so is therefore the most cyberpunk thing imaginable. After Blake’s done punking us with his rundown of the most cyber games he’s been playing, which can’t help but lead us to a lengthy discussion of  CD Projekt’s 2077 disastrous scandals, Sean takes us to tabletop roleplaying town, though he doesn’t give too much away about the upcoming campaign so as not to spoil Blake.



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