Exposition Break Podcast: Soulsin’




Do you like Hidetaka Miyazaki games? Of course you do. Everyone likes Miyazaki’s games, because not liking them is to not like games at all—or at least to have bad taste. In any case, both of us have been delving into his last real (i.e. non-VR) titles, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and Dark Souls 3, and we take the incredibly controversial position that From Software’s games are, in fact, good. Trailblazing!

While we could happily talk about the loveliness of Miyazaki’s games for hours on end, we’re both still in the early phases of these respective titles, so we spend just as much time time talking about the Mario Galaxy sub-series and Divinity: Original Sin II, which is a good game despite having one of the most video game-y titles of the past few years. We also touch a bit on trying to play party games while in quarantine through the Jackbox series, and Sean ponders wistfully about his yearning to once again play Legacy games in person.


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