Let’s Play the Resident Evil Village Third Person Demo



Capcom’s Resident Evil Showcase was earlier today and they dropped a new demo for their upcoming Resident Evil Village expansion that gives fans a chance to see the new third person mode they added to the main game. I’ve been anxious to try the new mode and couldn’t pass up a chance to check it out ahead of release, so I downloaded the demo and dove right in. The little bit of gameplay in the demo is VERY promising and made me very excited for the full release next week. Check out my playthrough below to see it in action. (Disclaimer: There are some early audio glitches that quickly clear up after the first 30 seconds or so.)

If you’re a fan of Resident Evil or are curious about the classic franchise, be sure to check out REvisited: A Resident Evil Retrospective. It’s an Exposition Break series where I replay the mainline games, their remakes, and their spinoffs. If that sounds the tiniest bit interesting, check out my series introduction. It’s truly a labor of love that I think anybody can enjoy.


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